Lets get technical

This section will be filled with the actual code. I expect to have some small snippets presentable by next month.


Design notes:

One way to handle people having differing votes for a particular article is to simply ignore the conflict and if a person votes a certain way on an article, that puts it on the map for others to find it via the same settings, regardless of how else the article has been voted. So for example a person votes on an article with all the voting ranges on the middle, but everyone else voted a different way, then if a person searches with all the ranges in the middle the article will show up with one vote. It is not mitigated by the strength of people voting differently, only by how people are voting the same way. There is still an issue of strength of matching the filter to the vote though. And it is chosen for its simplicity and transparency. Maybe in the future I'll change it to have levels of discussion on how to categorize an article, like wikipedia, but that may be too much work for users and impractical given the size and speed of information news requires!

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