Thursday, November 1, 2012

Here is a walkthrough of one way this could work for the user. Here we incorporate a google search. (no, I don't hate google, but eventually I might not use google) I am imagining a form sitting at the bottom of the google news search page in your browser. The form has a command button labeled "filter," with several dials and check boxes to set the preferences of the filter, like so.

When someone types in "Obama" and searches, and the results are displayed normally (but the results are also gathered by the Nightingale News program). Then the user chooses from the dials and check boxes on the vb form and presses the "filter" button. The program matches (via a join) the users search results with the news articles already  voted on (and thus have instrumentation to apply the filter). The filtered results then display in your browser.

We should also display the unfiltered results after the filtered results, to give people a chance to vote on articles that have not yet been voted on. 

And you could just choose an article from the unfiltered google search and click on a "Save Votes" command button after reading the article and adjusting the dials and checking or not checking the boxes on the form to reflect how you want to vote on the article. Your votes will be saved for that article and will be used so that other people can filter their google search.

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