Discussion: What else is out there and how is Nightingale News is different

There are other filters out there, but mainly they decide how news is filtered, not you.

The filters for Facebook can lead to news from established news sources, interest groups, friends or anyone on Facebook. With the "subscriptions" filter there is a user decision to see "all," "most," or "most important" posts. How that is decided is left up to Facebook or the person posting.

Mostly it feels noisy, There is no search for news, the only search involved is in choosing the source or brand/institution of news such as New York Times. The news feed can be mixed with people and anything between institutions and friends, you decide the news source. After you decide the source and how much of the source you want the articles show up on their own in your news feed. Fun in a way, each article from my chosen news sources is interesting and there is always another, but I rarely stop to think what I WANT to read under my own intention or motivation, beyond the next thing the feed is telling me I SHOULD, and very often do, like.

The main difference with Nightingale News is it involves more thinking and direction by the user.  Facebook is basically using the idea of trusted brands as filters, along with an option control on the volume of articles from each source. The only vote, once the feed is established, is a black box "like" system where it is unknown how it effects how you're being fed. Not so with Nightingale News. Nightingale News incorporates a search for news articles, Facebook does not, and the Nightingale News filter can be played with so you are thinking about the ideology you want for each search, rather than choosing to trust the ideology of a brand. With Nightingale News you can see more sides, and have an idea what you're "consuming" before you start. You could discover new sources of news and are not tied to brands you trust and whatever the editor of that brand decides to put forward on Facebook.

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