Wednesday, October 31, 2012

After the initial idea (below) I started thinking of additional features, like having another search criteria to get "the other side" or more than two sides of a story, and you can search for these sides on the same topic of, say, "Obama". 

Also I was thinking of a "media skew" chart that shows how well the actual news stories that are being published are/are not aligning with the preferences of the users of the nightingale news site.

Also they can vote on news outlets and filter according to that as well, and the votes could be revealed publicly, so people actually know where most others are getting their news, or like getting news.

The thing I am most concerned with developing first is the search algorithm. It could just use google, but use the extra flags as simple filters on the search. I am interested to hear what ideas other people have on this.

I believe that other people have probably had this idea, but maybe they have run into problems trying to make it a reality. One of the big problems is copyright law. Even google has faced difficult copyright lawsuits for its presentation of other news sites, and a start up and experimental company would probably simply be squashed. It is fitting I suppose, that a new idea would be squashed by the machinery that is supposed to protect (ownership of) new ideas.

Nevertheless, I am throwing the idea out there, rather than trying to benefit from it on my own, to see if I can find support and build free associations that could be strong enough to resist the onslaught that this people-empowering idea will invite.

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